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Shortlisted for 'Product Design - Product'
Highly Commended for 'Universal Design'
Easy Grow was designed to enrich the well being of people with arthritis via gardening.
Through research it was found that many people with arthritis are forced to abandon loved hobbies.
Easy Grow was designed to help gardeners effected with arthritis.
Gardening entails using tools and and getting into positions that can be very uncomfortable for people with arthritis. Easy Grow was designed to minimise these discomforts by combining a set of ergonomically designed products.
Direction of force. where the hand grips the tool creates the torque centre
To create ergonomic gardening tools the users wrist must be kept in its most natural position. This was achieved by keeping all handles at an upright angle and creating supports to counter the force when in use
To create an ergonomic garden bed it had to be universally ergonomic. To achieve this, the bed needed three different height choices to choose from when being assembled. The dept of the bed needed to be deep enough to also grow vegetables.
It was important that the user was able to assemble the bed without too much difficulty. Special pin and hole joinery was designed to tackle this problem.
Check out the assembly instructions & design rational below to see the design process.
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